South East Melbourne

Dr Amin School

Guaranteed professional tutors

Science tutoring and preparation 

Chemistry and physics 

Specialist personal tutoring in high school and university level chemistry and physics subjects, undergraduate and graduate level studies. Prepare for exams and recieve personal advice on scientific papers and assignments. 

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Mathamatics tutoring and preperation


Mathamatics is a core subject for most levels of scienctific study.  Receive specialist and personal tutoring and preperation for exams to make maths your strength. 

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High School and University Students 

We offer personal service, tutoring and advice

Get a head start in a career that involves science and mathamathics with a personal education plan to assist you to achieve your best results and best university of employment offers. 

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Teachers and university lecturers

Personal consultancy 

Personal services to help you prepare for class, your scientific paper or a professional presentation. Services include: Review of scieticfic papers, development of class programs, development of posters and powerpoints and developments of assessment tools. 

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Face to face and online tutoring

  Dr Amin school’s tutors build strong and trusting relationships with students using one-on-one online or face to face sessions. 

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Answer to questions & guide students through challenging homework assignments

Dr Amin school provides the appropriate study material and guidance to the students to handle their challenging assignments.

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Preparation of PowerPoint slides or posters for lecturers and conferences

We will provide you with a well-constructed PowerPoint slides or posters with minimise wordiness/ verbosity and maximise visuals, which help you to present an efficient lecture or presentation with less stress.

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Preparation for exam

Dr Amin school practices selected samples of past exam of NAPLAN, VCE, QCE, HSC, WACE and SACE with students. 

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Article review & Scientific literature survey

If you want to write a manuscript or need a literature survey for your manuscript, thesis or report but need help, Dr Amin school can help.

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