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Dr Mohamad Hassan Amin (Known as Mamad)

Dr Amin is a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). As a retired A/Professor, Research Scientist, Laboratory Manager, Lecturer and teacher with extensive experience in research and teaching in diversified areas of materials engineering, physics and chemistry, he has:

 Postdoctoral fellowship: University of New South Wales

—–Doctor of Philosophy; PhD in Material Engineering – Ceramics

—–Master’s degree in Chemistry

(All qualifications have been recognised by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations).

While employed with RMIT University, Material and Energy Research Centre (MERC) and Azad University, he developed and delivered the following units of study

  • Analytical Chemistry: Analytical Science (CHEM1257)
  • Chemistry Principles: Chemistry Principles Laboratory (CHEM 1242 P)
  • Chemistry of Materials: Chemistry of Materials 1 (CHEM1030)
  • Chemistry of Materials: Chemistry of Materials 2 (CHEM1031)
  • Chemistry 1 (ONPS2320)
  • Environmental Chemistry 2A (CHEM1058)

•    Physical Chemistry (3rd Year and Honours Lecture), nine years’ experience

•    Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Materials (Bachelor Lecture), three years’ experience

•    Introduction to Quantum Chemistry (Master Lecture), two years’ experience

•    Thermal Properties of Ceramics (Master Lecture), seven years’ experience

•    Theory of Nanostructures (Master Lecture), two years’ experience

•    Chemistry of Inorganic Industries BSc (Bachelor Lecture), three years’ experience

Also, while employed with RMIT University, MERC and Azad university, he supervised an Associate Professor and more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students, including M.Sc. and PhD students in the fields of chemistry and materials engineering.

He is also the author of three tertiary-level textbooks in chemistry.

His multidisciplinary roles as A/ professor, lecturer, researcher, material scientist, laboratory demonstrator, laboratory manager, teacher and head of department in academia and industry in different fields of chemistry and material engineering in the last 35 years required him to work very closely with students. He was continually liaising with students, assisting with their issues. An essential aspect of these roles was his ability to deal sensitively and confidentially with students.

Dr Amin believes education can make a huge difference in the lives of young people. Over the years, He has had the privilege of educating and mentoring many students in my role as a researcher and a demonstrator at RMIT University and as a lecturer and Assistance Professor in Iran.

He has conducted research to support 100+ research papers and patented 18 new methods for industrial partners. (