South East Melbourne


Dr Amin School

Personal or Group tutoring

Personalised tutoring fills a niche that cannot be supplied in a crowded classroom. Even students who do well in school can benefit from the extra boost which tutoring provides. Dr Amin school’s tutors build strong and trusting relationships with students using one-on-one online or face to face sessions. Our tutors will design programs customised to each student’s strengths and weaknesses and will focus on their individual needs. The programs will aim to improve students’ study skills, increase their knowledge of core subjects, and ignite a passion for learning.

You also have the option of joining with one or more of your friends in the same course to lower personal costs and study in that small group environment.

Exam preparation

Dr Amin school practices selected samples of past exam of NAPLAN, VCE, QCE, HSC, WACE and SACE with students. Practising past exams makes students familiar with the format of the forthcoming exam and the key subject areas. Therefore, it helps students to feel more comfortable and combat exam anxiety and overcome exams with confidence. Also, it assesses the student and parents to identify gaps in student’s knowledge.