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Teachers and Lecturers

Dr Amin School

Preparation of PowerPoint slides or posters for lecturers and conference presenters

Successful lecturing and conference presentations are not merely those with the most expertise or the most outgoing personalities. Also, knowledge of the subject and comfort in public speaking is helpful, but not enough. A lecture or presentation is only successful if it communicates the material effectively to the listeners. Minimise verbosity and maximise visuals are two crucial keys to aid you in effectively conveying information to the audiences. Jut deliver your documents and notes to us. We will provide you with a well-constructed PowerPoint slides or posters with minimise wordiness/ verbosity and maximise visuals, which help you to present an efficient lecture or presentation with less stress.

Article review & Scientific literature survey

If you want to write a manuscript or need a literature survey for your manuscript, thesis or report but need help,Dr Amin school can help. Preparing a manuscript, scientific survey and reviewing the literature requires the ability to cope with various tasks, from finding and evaluating relevant material to combining information from various sources, from critical thinking to paraphrasing, evaluating, and citation skills. Astheeditorial board member and reviewer of several scientific journals, and the guest editor of a high impact journal, I have these skills and can assist you. I also have conducted research to support 100+ peer-reviewed research papers in high impact factor journals and international conferences and have a track record of translating scientific outcomes into impact.

Join the Dr Amin team

If you have scientific expertise as a teacher, lecturer or a high achieving university student and have the experience and ability to tutor in maths and science subjects , you may be interested in Joining the Dr Amin team. If so, use the Contact Dr Amin form to make contact and start a discussion that can benefit you, our team and our students.

Dr Amin School’s tutors must have:

  • Appropriate qualifications to function as a tutor in relevant fields
  • Valid Working with Children Check.
  • Strong knowledge and teaching experience in relevant fields
  • Ability to contribute to the teaching and learning programs in relevant fields
  • Practical interpersonal and communication skills relevant to teaching and consultancy environments
  • Effective presentation and facilitation skills, and in the use of flexible teaching methods
  • Capacity to diagnose learning problems in students, propose and implement effective solutions
  • Champion positive and meaningful relationships with families and children

Member of Dr Amin School Obligations

Dr Amin School’s members are committed to helping students and agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

  • Use their resources for the best educational outcomes for students.
  • Use their educational skills to the best of their ability to teach students so that they improve in the subject/s in which they are being tutored.
  • Use their teaching and learning practices and resources to enhance students’ self-esteem and confidence to learn.
  • Assess/determine whether students need tutoring and if so inform Dr Amin of the outcome of the assessment
  • Provide accurate written reports to Dr Amin on the learning progress of students
  • Enable Dr Amin to inspect the relevant programs and curriculum
  • The type and use of assessment and testing instruments must be fully disclosed before any assessment. The marking of evaluations must be conducted in an accurate, professional and honest manner.
  • The results of any formal assessing or testing must be made available to Dr Amin
  • All feedback, written or verbal, given to Dr Amin and students should be clear and unambiguous and should not be intended to either mislead clients or create future enrolments or business.
  • All Members must comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.